Development of Managers’ Leadership Standards

Purpose of this article is manager of leadership and development of conceptual frameworks defiing standards for leadership standards. He qualitative research methods applied in this study are in line with these objectives. Determination of sampling methods for sampling and exception the handling chain, respectively, of participants and sampling techniques was used accordingly. The research data were collected through semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers. Data obtained in the course of the research were examined on the main dimensions of leadership. According to the survey managers must have leadership regarding the qualifiation standards; accountability and evaluation, decision-making strategies, human resources development and ethical leadership, vision creation, community development and collaboration with stakeholders, management of diversity, human relationships and effective communication. The research fidings have shown that there should be a standard for training of managers in management of the main factors in the future business. The relevant departments of the company must implement the standards identifid in upbringing of good planning by business managers.The training of qualifid managers administrators must determine standards for leadership of the leadership. Each company’s focus on its property and conditions for upbringing the results as a manager said that management training should be designed for a specifi model.