energy ac300

Product Details

Energy 300 ac is the world’s first 100% modular solar generator. It combines an expandable battery pack with a powerful 3000W AC output. This makes it the ideal power station for off-grid and home backup applications, but it also has unique features that make it a good choice for industrial, commercial and leisure based applications.

The AC300 is a high quality inverter module that can be paired with one, two, three or four B300 lithium battery modules to deliver anywhere from 3Kwh to over 12Kwh of energy storage. It’s also a great solution for charging and powering smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting, CPAP equipment, TVs and refrigerators.

AC300 Bluetti: A Reliable Backup Power Source for Your Home

You can also use the AC300 with a BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro to connect two of the units for a 240V/6,000W output and a total capacity of 24,576Wh (four B300 batteries). This makes it the perfect power center for RVers, glamping venues and off-grid homes.

With this innovative technology, you can easily and safely charge your AC300 battery station while on the go and even when the power goes out. The battery system will automatically adapt its charging rate to match the input power and keep your appliances running until the power is restored.

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