caster manufacturers

Casters manufacturers produce a wide variety of wheels and frames used to support equipment and other items. Their products are used in industrial manufacturing plants, airports and other industries to transport a range of objects and loads. Go here

What Makes a Good Caster?

A good caster will be easy to maneuver, provide smooth mobility and prevent damage to the object being rolled. These casters also have the right size wheel to ensure that they don’t roll too quickly, and the wheel should be made from a material that won’t cause scratches or damage to surfaces.

Light Duty Casters:

A light duty caster is usually designed for small storage racks and trash cans. They are typically made with a simple braking device to stop rotation of the caster wheel or swivel.

The Evolution of Casters: A Look into the History of Caster Manufacturers

Designed to handle moderate amounts of weight and shock, these casters are often used for shelving, trash cans, storage racks and office furniture. They have load capacities that generally range from 200 to 290 pounds per caster.

Heavy Duty Casters:

These casters are generally designed to handle large loads and may be made from rubber, phenolic resin, polyurethane or forged steel. They are able to withstand high temperatures, have superior load capacity and impact strength and are resistant to oils, greases and cleaning agents.

Casters are essential for moving and maintaining equipment in most industrial settings. Business owners should inspect their equipment casters on a regular basis to keep them in good working order and prolong their life.

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