5 Reasons Why Bed Protection Sheets Are Essential

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bed protection sheets

Protects Mattress From Spills, Bacteria And Allergens

One of the most essential bed protection sheets accessories, a mattress protector or encasement is designed to protect the top of your mattress from spills, stains, bacteria and all sorts of allergens that could trigger itchy eyes, noses, throats and rashes. It also extends the life of your mattress and helps to keep it clean.

It’s Easy to Wash and Typically Machine-Safe

Mattress protectors are designed to be easy to clean and typically fit inside a standard home washing machine. They should also be waterproof to prevent liquid from getting absorbed into the mattress.

They’re also effective against dust mites and dander, which can trigger allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, throats, and skin. Ideally, you should change your mattress protector every two to four weeks to remove any lingering dust mites or dander that may be causing irritation.

Bed Protection Sheets: An Essential for Every Home and Every Mattress

Unlike a pillowcase, mattress protectors are generally made from a soft, breathable material that will keep your mattress cool and comfortable. Some are made from terry cloth, while others are composed of cotton/lycra or polyester with a waterproof backing that keeps your mattress dry and free of leaks.

It’s a Linen Blend That Feels Natural and Is Noiseless

This linen blend mattress protector feels like a soft, deep-pocketed fitted sheet. It tucks under your mattress with pocketed corners to provide protection from accidents, and it’s a soft and smooth feeling.

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