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ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is the UK’s leading business app for leak detection. Founded in Yorkshire, ADI Leak Detection specialises in non-invasive technology to detect and solve leaks.

Using a thermographic technique, the ADI Leak ADI Leak Detection team uses high quality cameras to identify the heat difference between the oil and other substances within the pipeline. These images are then interpreted by software to provide temperature profiles and behaviour data, such as spraying, pooling or spilling.

This method has a high sensitivity and can be used in a steady-state condition as well as during transient conditions. It is also able to avoid false alarms due to statistical methods of analysis.

Thermographic techniques are commonly used in the field of water leak detection. They are typically installed along a length of pipeline, which can be monitored by an operator in the field.

The Importance of Regularly Scheduled ADI Leak Detection Checks

Pipeline flyovers are another type of pipeline leak detection. These can be carried out by landscapers and are used to locate small releases that may not have been detected using other methods.

Infrared technologies can be used to identify a leak in an underground pipeline. The method can be used after the erection of a new pipeline or during servicing.

Leak Detection Systems are used in liquid and gas pipelines. They are designed to reduce operational downtime by detecting and localizing leaks in the pipeline.

The ADI Leak Detection team has extensive experience in using a range of techniques and equipment to find and fix leaks. They have a wealth of experience in the use of advanced leak detection techniques such as thermal imaging and acoustic leak detectors.

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