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Whether you are a seasoned stoner or are just starting out, you will want to shop for the best bongs Canada can offer. Bongs are a type of marijuana pipe that draws smoke through water to cool and filter it before inhalation, allegedly increasing potency while protecting the lungs from secondhand smoke. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, from straightforward beaker styles to elaborate functional displays of cannabis genius with recyclers and percolators. Read more https://castleglassworks.ca

Vrolyk estimates there are a couple hundred glass pipe and bong blowers like himself across Canada, bringing in at least a couple million dollars a year. And while many of his clients are newcomers, he says his clientele includes some serious collectors who are willing to spend well into the six figures on a piece of glass.

Your One-Stop Bong Shop in Canada

In spite of the popularity of vaporizers and other alternative means of ingesting cannabis, Vrolyk thinks the traditional bong will eventually make a comeback as people become more comfortable with legalization. It’s an idea that is reflected in his own work, with a series of intricate, fantasy-like pipes designed to look like mythical creatures.

In the meantime, Vrolyk has no intention of stopping producing his bongs. He hopes the rise in popularity of legalization will jumpstart demand for his unique works. But before he starts building his next masterpiece, he will have to contend with a provincial law that was enacted 25 years ago by the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney. The law, section 462.2 of the Criminal Code, makes it a crime to sell bongs and other pipes, as well as books like High Times, without a license from Health Canada.

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