Leo Monthly Horoscope for February 2019

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leo monthly horoscope

The leo monthly horoscope monthly horoscope for February 2019 predicts that the lion-headed native will have a successful financial month. At the beginning of the month, Mars will transit the tenth house of Karma, or actions, allowing a positive impact on work and financial conditions. As a result, income is likely to increase.

Generally, the Leo monthly horoscope shows that the zodiac sign will be in excellent health. However, the Leo native is encouraged to avoid getting overly stressed. He should try to take a vacation with his or her family and avoid being overly ambitious.

The month of October sees Mars turn retrograde in his or her friendship sector, which can pose a challenge in socializing. But the good news is that Mars‘s retrograde motion will eventually push him or her forward, even if it does so in a sudden and unexpected way. This will help the Leo achieve a high level of success in academics, especially in higher studies.

October is also a month when Leos are likely to make new friends, enjoy increased intimacy, and experience financial success. They may even be rewarded at work. Those who are married should expect an improved financial status and a happy marriage.

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