Classic Goatee Styles

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classic goatee styles

Khamis Maiouf is a professional barber who has been operating his own shop for the last two decades. He is a graduate of Hinckley College and has won several barbering contests. His goal is to help men achieve a dapper appearance through the art of grooming. He is the author of a number of grooming guides, including this article about classic goatee styles.

A classic goatee styles is a beard that sits below the mouth and extends down to your chin. It is often paired with a mustache but can be a standalone style, too. The earliest known goatees date back centuries, but today there are many different variations. Some of the most common styles include the Musketeer, the Van Dyke, the Landing Strip, and the Anchor.

The Classic Goatee: A Timeless Facial Hair Style Guide

The Musketeer is a classic choice that can exude confidence and charm. This style features a distinguished handlebar mustache paired with a small chin beard, creating an elegant ‘T’ shape on the face. The Van Dyke is another timeless goatee option that pairs a chin puff with a mustache, usually a handlebar. The Anchor beard is similar to a Van Dyke but doesn’t connect the mustache and chin puff together.

For gents with round or oval faces, a full goatee may be best. This style can help elongate the face, making it look more balanced. For square or rectangular faces, however, a smaller goatee may be better. The Petite goatee is one such option, and it’s also a great choice for older gents who want to maintain their appearance.

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